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Perfect Money:  Key things You Need To Know
Cash Transfer

Perfect Money: Key things You Need To Know 

Perfect Money (PM) is a digital payment system that enables its users to make payments and also transfer money through the internet. It came into existence in the year 2007 in Panama and its headquarter in Switzerland, it has grown massively in popularity in recent years greatly due to the shutting down of liberty reserve which is quite similar to the platform. Perfect Money, however, offers a bit more than the liberty reserve which is partially active. It makes e-payment transactions very easy. One can make online payments to other digital currency systems (Bitcoin, WebMoney, etc) and vice versa. But unlike the popular Bitcoin though, it is not open-source and algorithm-controlled. it is administered by its company.


How to use Perfect Money?

To kick start using the payment system, one is required to open an account with the company on its website. It can either be a personal or business account.


How useful is it?

Like I mentioned earlier, payments can be made online to other digital currency systems and vice versa. It has the ability of users to buy gold, euro, and dollars in real-time.


How do I deposit cash to my Perfect Money account?

There are many ways to either send or receive money to your PM account:

  • ·        E-currency
  • ·        Perfect money prepaid card/e-voucher
  • ·        Bank Wire
  • ·        Bank Transfer

  How do I make withdrawals from Perfect Money account?

  • Certified Exchangers (
  • Prepaid visa/master card gift cards
  • Bank Wire
  • E-currency

It is a useful payment system that offers quite a lot. It’s easy to buy and sell precious metals such as gold and major currencies with a PM account. A lot of internet businesses have found it quite handy over the short time it has been in existence.

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