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4 Elements of a Great Landing Page On Your Website
Website Design

4 Elements of a Great Landing Page On Your Website 

Many websites include multiple landing page for different audiences with different conversion goals. Here are four elements that almost every successful landing page includes.

A highly usable landing page design is one that compels visitors to act in some way.

1.    Distinct Unique Selling Proposition

A strong landing page starts with a little marketing 101. You have one chance to show why your information/product/page is important.

That’s where a unique selling proposition comes in. This concept sets clear expectations as to what the page is about and why it is important. When done well, it also sells the benefit of what you expect from website visitors (buy a product, watch a video, sign up for an event or email list, etc.).

When it comes to USP on a landing page, the most important thing to know is that you have to arrive at this information fast. That includes:

  • In supporting copy
  • With a call to action
  • The main headline
  • With the last chance opportunity at the bottom of the page

2. Targeted Headline and Supporting Copy.

Words are an important part of the design. So are the typography choices you make to display that text.

Once you have a clear and targeted headline and supporting copy, make sure to pick typefaces that elevate messaging.

If your goal is conversions – as is true for most landing pages – stick to a simple, easy-to-read typeface. You don’t want readability issues to slow down visitors or cause them to leave altogether.

Messaging should be direct, emphasize the USP, and provide something for users to do right away.

Text elements need to be scannable. Use fonts that are large enough to read at a glance with short paragraphs and lists, where applicable.

3. Amazing Imagery.

A bad photo or video won’t entice anyone to do anything. To ensure the success of your landing page, it needs an amazing visual to jumpstart user engagement.

Photos, videos, or illustrations need to clearly define what the landing page is about and provide information for the user. A great visual with no informational component won’t be enough to help create conversions.

Think of it this way: The visual element should help provide the same information as text. These are elements that support each other to tell the same story and push users in the same direction.

If visual elements tell a different story, you risk creating user confusion, which can limit or stall interaction or conversions.

4. Appropriate Color Combinations.

Color can imply a lot at a glance. Use a color scheme on your landing page that speaks to your target audience and helps direct them to key content on the page.

Ideally, buttons will be a bright color – red or orange – to help draw the eye and generate conversions.

Use brand color elements to connect the landing page to other associations that users may already have with you.

Finally, think about how you want landing page visitors to feel. Use colors that work with those emotions and connect emotional color choices to the overall feeling of the design.

Some basic color emotional connections to consider include:

  • Red: Exciting, passionate
  • Green: Natural, growth
  • Yellow: Cheerful, bright
  • Black: Stark, steady

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